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Our Values

We practice what
we preach

We invest all our wealth in the same stocks, strategies and funds that our clients invest in.

Customised approach to creating portfolios

We create customised portfolios for our 250+ families, instead of following a fixed investment model. While customisation is challenging, it is the right thing to do.

Treat Stocks as Ownership in Businesses

When we invest in a stock, we consider ourselves (part) owners of a high-quality publicly listed business run by exceptional people

How we Invest

How we Invest

Our Investment Philosophy

Confidence in Equity

Equity as an asset class has outperformed other asset classes and inflation by a margin consistently over the long term

Proprietary in-house research

Our approach to wealth creation and preservation relies on fundamental research and independent analysis with deep diligence.

Long-term Mindset

We make investment decisions with a minimum of 3-5 year horizon. A year is the time it takes for the Earth to go around the Sun. It is not a natural time period over which to measure the performance of any business or investment.

Preservation of capital

We aim for portfolio protection through research-based stock selections. Avoid the losers, and the winners will take care of themselves.


We take on both good and bad times with composure and decisiveness, directing you to invest or withdraw whenever the time is right. When you come onboard with us, it is only the beginning of a very rewarding journey ahead.